Visitor Information

Visitors are welcome at Sonnblick. Interested guests can get a tour through our observatory.
Access to the Sonnblick Observatory is given by a hike from Carinthia/Zirmsee- Heiligenblut or Salzburg/Kolm Saigurn. The cable car is not available for public transportation.

Guided Tours

Would you like to explore the Sonnblick Observatory and preview our unique measuring techniques and projects? We can organize a guided tour for you. Please get in contact with us and apply for a tour here. This will help us ensure smooth measuring operations. These tours are given mostly in the evening. Small groups can be also guided upon consultation.
You are at the observatory but have not applied for a tour? Please enquire with the host at the hut Zittelhaus.
Lodging can be booked via the website of the hut Zittelhaus:

Using Sonnblick Observatories’ Infrastructure

You can use the Sonnblick Observatory for your scientific project. Please get in contact with us here: Start Project at Sonnblick Observatory.
If you’re not working for an Austrian institution, you can get a supported access to the Sonnblick Observatory via the European project INTERACT.


Please, we ask all visitors at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick to consider our sensitive air chemistry measurements. Even a small cigarette disturbs our time series. You can help us and your health with no smoking at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick and if you have to, please only smoke in the designated area in front of hut Zittelhaus.
We would greatly appreciated if you will consider our billboards and avoid climbing up barriers and roofs. Unauthorized entry of the Sonnblick Observatory is not allowed and can be dangerous.
Thank you.