Environmental impact archive in the snow

For more than three decades, every year at the end of April, at the end of the winter period, before the snowpack begins to melt, snow shafts are dug down to the summer horizon of last year. The snow is removed layer by layer and taken in deep-frozen conditions to Technical  University of Vienna for chemical analysis. Thus, it can be determined how environmental protection measures (for example: the installation of filter systems in the heavy industry) have a positive effect and pollutants are reduced or whether Saharan dust has been transported to the Hohe Sonnblick. The Vienna University of Technology and the ZAMG Department for Climate Impacts are coordinating this long-term monitoring of the chemical composition of the snowpack. Many thanks to our long-standing cooperation partner TU Vienna. More information in German: Glacier balance in 2017 and less air pollutants in the snow in 2016.