The coldest August night since 1998 brings snow in the valley and on the mountain

A closed snowpack on the Hoher Sonnblick at the end of August is not unusual. In the high mountains you always have to expect a cold snap and snow - even in summer! The August night from the 25th to the 26th of August 2018 has shown this once again. 40 cm of fresh snow has transformed the area around the Sonnblick Observatory into a white splendor. In 2017 it was 14 cm on the 20th of August. The coldest August night since 1998 from Sunday, 26th Aug. 2018 to Monday, 27th Aug. 2018 brought some mountain valleys frost and snow in the summer. These conditions make it difficult to change service at the Sonnblick Observatory, which is currently ascended by foot due to the repair of the association owned works cable car. However, the experienced staff of the Sonnblilck Observatory does not mind to fullfill the recording of climate and environmental measurements important for humanity at 3,106m altitude.
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Many thanks to Matthias Daxbacher, technician at the Sonnblick Observatory for the photo of the ascent to the Radhaus (wheelhouse) on Monday morning.

© ZAMG / SBO / Daxbacher Matthias / 27th Aug. 2018 ascent to the Radhaus (wheelhouse)