Station Map

The Sonnblick Observatory was established in 1886 and extended and modernized over time. Besides the premises of the Sonnblick Observatory, we are also using rooms in the refuge Zittelhaus of the association Alpenverein Rauris. Here scientists can rest, eat and conduct measurements. The Observatory provides measurement terraces, storage areas and a workshop for onsite maintenance. We have two laboratories that are designed for air chemistry and aerosol measurements and have work stations onsite. 

Future Action Plan
In the frame of infrastructure development at the Sonnblick Observatory, we are organizing more space for short-term projects and a working area for scientists.



Short digital virtual tour through the Sonnblick Observatory (SBO)

Our SBO technician N. Daxbacher has created a virtual tour through the Sonnblick Observatory. Starting at the top station of the cable car, the path leads through the building to the laboratories and measurement terraces.