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Content Instrument Instrument Owner
Dewpoint/Humidity E+E 33 GeoSphere Austria
Air pressure Meteolabor BM35 GeoSphere Austria
Air temperature Logotronic GeoSphere Austria
Precipitation detector Thies 5.4103.10.000 GeoSphere Austria
Precipitation gauge Meteoservis MR3H-F(C) GeoSphere Austria
Pyranometer Hukseflux SR30-D1 GeoSphere Austria
Pyranometer Kipp&Zonen CMP21 GeoSphere Austria
Pyranometer Kipp&Zonen CMP21 GeoSphere Austria
Pyrgeometer Kipp&Zonen CGR4 GeoSphere Austria
Pyrheliometer Hukseflux DR02-T2-10 GeoSphere Austria
Snow height Lufft SHM31Clouds GeoSphere Austria
Sun shine detector Haenni Solar 111 GeoSphere Austria
Sternpyranometer Schenk 8101 GeoSphere Austria
Dew point sensor Thygan GeoSphere Austria
Ultrasound wind measurement Thies 2D inkl. heater GeoSphere Austria
Electr. Field strength Campbell scientific CS110 GeoSphere Austria
Ceilometer Vaisala CL 51 GeoSphere Austria
Ground-based Infrared P-branch Spectrometer GRIPS DLR
Hydrometeors  Eigenbrodt ODM470 GeoSphere Austria
Visibility Vaisala PWD52 GeoSphere Austria


Content                                                                                   Instrument Instrument Owner    
Cloud liquid water content Gerber PVM 100 GeoSphere Austria    
Cloud size distribution Palas CDA GeoSphere Austria    
Cloud water collector (campaign based) Cloud water collector TU Wien, GeoSphere Austria

UV-Strahlung und Ozon

Content                                                                   Instrument Instrument Owner    
Spectral UV Bentham DM 150 BOKU    
Spectrophotometrie Brewer #093 BOKU    
UV – B Solar Light 501 Schreder BOKU    
Cloud cam CCD – VIS – J1006 BOKU    


Content                                                       Instrument Instrument Owner    
CO Horiba APMA360 UBA    
CO2 Picarro CRDS UBA    
NOx Thermo TE42CTL UBA    
O3 Thermo TE49i UBA    
SO2 Thermo TE43CTL UBA    
CH4 Picarro G2301 CH4 UBA    


Content                                                                      Instrument Instrument Owner    
Optical particle spectrometer Klotz TCC GeoSphere Austria    
Condensation particle counter TSI 3022A TU Wien    
Condensation particle counter TSI 3775 GeoSphere Austria    
Condensation particle counter Palas ENVI CPC GeoSphere Austria    
Dust & Black carbon Magee Scientific AE33 UBA, TU Wien, GeoSphere Austria
Dust & Black carbon Thermo Sharp 5030 GeoSphere Austria    
Optical particle spectrometer Palas Promo 3000H GeoSphere Austria    
Scanning mobility particle size TSI SMPS 3938 GeoSphere Austria    
Nephelometer Ecotech Aurora 3000 GeoSphere Austria    
Polar Nephelometer Ecotech Aurora 4000 UBA    
Aerosol sounding SR10/SR10-P Meteomodem GeoSphere Austria    


Content Instrument Instrument Owner    
Local dose rate Geiger counter, ODL BMK    
Radon – 222 Radon Monitor Heidelberg Univ. Heidelberg    
Be – 7 Filter AGES    


Content Instrument Instrument Owner    
Pollen analysis Pollen trap GeoSphere Austria    
Batcorder (temporary) Bat monitoring KFFÖ    
biodiversity observations observations GeoSphere Austria    


Content Instrument Instrument Owner    
Stable isotopes in meteoric precipitation Analysis precipitation samples GeoSphere Austria, ISOLAB Salzburg    
Austrian Network of Isotopes in Precipitation Precipitation collectors UBA    
Ice load measurement IceMonitor GeoSphere Austria    
Microplastic in precipitation Microplastic filter UBA    
snow profiles & analytical study Analysis snow samples GeoSphere Austria    
anorganic, organic analytical study Analysis precipitation samples, filer TU-Wien, LandSalzburg, UBA    


Content                                             Instrument Instrument Owner    
Glacier measurement Automatic energy and mass balance station GeoSphere Austria    
UAV photogrammetry Laser scans (yearly) GeoSphere Austria, GeoResearch    
Permafrost drill holes 3x20m holes and various shallow holes in the area GeoSphere Austria    


Content Instrument Instrument Owner    
Permanent surface seismometer SOSA GeoSphere Austria    
Seismic rockfall monitoring Geosono three component borehole seismometer GeoSphere Austria    
Seismic rockfall monitoring Ruwai data recorder GeoSphere Austria    


Elektrische Feldmühle Campbell Scientific CS110 EFM GeoSphere Austria


Content                                     Instrument Instrument Owner    
GPS EPOSA (real time positioning Austria) GeoSphere Austria, EPOSA    
Webcams Automatic Camera, GeoSphere Austria    
UAV + pilot Carbon Quadcopter GeoSphere Austria    
Flow box Spetec flow box, FBS 56 GeoSphere Austria