About Us

The Sonnblick Observatory of GeoSphere Austria is a remote measuring and research station within the Austrian Alps that was established in 1886. Highly motivated employees have helped the Sonnblick Observatory upgrade to a modern research site over the last century.

The Sonnblick Observatories’ research focus is based on global eco-system science with climate and environmental questions in particular. The Sonnblick Observatory is also open to research in different fields such as techniques and art.

The Sonnblilck Observatory makes a significant contribution to the important international measurement networks and measurement programs, which are increasingly coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). A special focus is currently placed on the WMO program GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch), GCW (Global Cryosphere Watch), on the European research infrastructure  ACTRIS (Aerosoles, Clouds and Trace Gases) and LTER (Longterm Ecosystem Research). More information about the networks can be found here.

An insight into GeoSphere Austriaand the Sonnblick Observatory is available here.

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