The scientific advisory board of the Sonnblick Observatory, together with both national and international experts determine the scientific focus for the Sonnblick Observatory every five years.

These objectives are summarized for the observatory‘s research program, ENVISON (Environmental Research and Monitoring Programme Sonnblick).

ENVISON provides a framework for high-quality long-term monitoring programs in connection with short-term research projects and supports interdisciplinary work at interfaces between the atmosphere, cryosphere and biosphere. This prioritization focuses on current research and encourages the scientific development at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick.

Besides ENVISON’s priorization, the Sonnblick Observatory is also open to requests of additional project activity.
Proposed requests are set into connection with preplanned projects to identify interdisciplinary correlations and to use all available resources strategically.


ENVISON can be downladed here: klick here!


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