The Sonnblick Observatory as a measuring station contributs to various networks.
Scientific networks like VAO (Virtual Alpine Observatory) or the EU-project INTERACT support the exchange with other research stations and help scientists to get access to the stations.
Measuring networks focus on a regulated data retrieval around the world. They define measuring standards and manage the data storage using world data bases. Such standards are importanly necessary for comparisions, the analysis of the measurements taken by various stations and the use of these data for simulations related to weather and climate change.


Network-Obligations of the Sonnblick Observatory (a collection):

INTERACT Internation Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (& northern alpine areas)
LTER Long-Term Ecosystem Research
NDACC Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change
WMO-GAW World Meteorological Organization - Global Atmosphere Watch
WMO-GCW World Meteorological Organization - Global Cryosphere Watch
WMO-GTS World Meteorological Organization - Global Telecommunication System
WMRC-BSRN World Radiation Monitoring Center - Baseline Surface Radiation Network
VAO Virtual Alpine Observatory