Scientific Access

The Sonnblick Observatory is represented in EU projects that support scientific activities at the Sonnblick Observatory.
Within the framework of a call, one can apply for funding for a measurement campaign at the Sonnblick Observatory.
The funding covers travel expenses, accommodation costs, as well as logistic transport costs and other expenses.

The following projects regularly open a call:

Independently of this, you can also plan campaigns at Sonnblick Observatory with us.
Do you have any questions? Then contact us here.

CALLs for"Transnational Access Programme" at SBO



The registration process for the "Transnational Access Program" from ATMO ACCESS can be found here:

Call publication date:  October, 28th  2021

Deadline for submitting proposals: Yanuary, 28th 2022

Access period: December 2021 - December 2022


The written application includes the following points:

  • Name, nationality and home institution of the user
  • a description of the work they want to do
  • Research plan
  • Description of the estimated travel and subsistence costs of the users

A direct exchange between the users and the TNA provider is encouraged in this phase in order to prepare the proposal and until the official submission of the application. You are welcome to contact us using our contact form.



The registration process for the "Transnational Access Program" from INTERACT has been open since October 1st, 2021.

Information on the application and the requirements can be found here:


Submission deadline: Novermber, 30th 2021

Access period: April 2022 - March 2023