Sonnblick Verein Sonnblick Observatorium bewahren und Forschung fördern. Unterstützen Sie spannende Projekte und erleben Sie Forschung hautnah!

Welcome to the association Sonnblick Verein!

The association Sonnblick Verein is the owner of the Sonnblick Observatory located at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick.

The main focus of the association is the preservation of the observatory being a world-wide unique research facility. Climatological observations and measurements are taken in more than 3.000 m altitude since 1886. Hence the Sonnblick Observatory having one of the longest time series which is very important for climate research.

In collaboration with the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, the Sonnblick Verein wants to provide an up to date and well working " research station above the clouds". The Sonnblick Verein endeavours to present research results in a clear understandable way for all groups of interested people.

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