The Sonnblick Observatory in 360°

The Sonnblick Observatory can now be visited digitally. Three tours are available with different information. Click on the links below and discover our Sonnblick Obervatory!

  1. General Tour
    The General Tour  offers an insight into the development of the Sonnblick Observatory and introduces some monitoring and research topics. Visit the different levels and click on the white information boxes to learn more.
    Language: German

  2. Kids Tour

    The Kids Tour  contains child-friendly information texts for school children.
    The tour can also be used in school lessons in the form of a rally.
    The children's booklet "SBO4Kids" is also available for children. Here explorer fox Freddy introduces the Sonnblick Observatory and asks questions about the contents.
    Language: German.

  3. Plan Access Tour
    The Plan Access Tour is designed to assist scientists with project planning at the Sonnblick Observatory. The tour includes technical details for e.g. transport routes and connections. You can get an idea about the location of the observatory and search for suitable sites for measuring instruments.
    Language: English.

Feature: The tours can also be combined with virtual glasses via a mobile device. Please consider the corresponding manufacturer's instructions when using virtual glasses. Liability on the part of ZAMG is excluded.

Note: The tours are based on images from 2021 and were produced by BESTVIEWS on behalf of ZAMG. The content is revised on a regular basis.