Visitor Information

Scientific Access

If you want to use the Sonnblick Observatory for research purposes, please check the Scientific Access.

Guided Tours

Would you like to explore the Sonnblick Observatory and preview our unique measuring techniques and projects? We can organize a guided tour for you. Please get in contact with us and apply for a tour here. This will help us ensure smooth measuring operations. These tours are given mostly in the evening. Small groups can be also guided upon consultation.
You are at the observatory but have not applied for a tour? Please enquire with the host at the hut Zittelhaus.
Lodging can be booked via the website of the hut Zittelhaus:

Use of the Sonnblick Observatory

You want to use the infrastructure of the Sonnblick Observatory for your scientific project?
Please contact us and briefly describe your (research) project/project.
You are not working for an Austrian research institution? - Then you can find support for your research project at the Sonnblick Observatory via our TNA opportunities.


We ask all mountaineers at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick to consider that every cigarette sensitively disturbs our air chemistry measurements and that every breath can be recorded. For the benefit of your health, we would appreciate it if you do not smoke on the Mt. Hoher Sonnblick or only in the designated areas. We ask you to observe the signs. Unauthorized access to the observatory, including the observatory terraces and the cable car, is prohibited. Thank you very much!