The Sonnblick Observatory comprises of several structures. Necessary for the operation are the following:

a) Main Building: The Observatory at the top station
b) The valley station
c) The Pendelhütte
d) The Zittelhaus

The main building consists of the cable cars top station and observatory. It contains a workshop, sleeping quarters, science facilities, storage, wash areas, living rooms and an office. In the valley, Kolm Saigurn, exists the base station of Sonnblick’s cable car. This comprises the cableway installation, a sleep area, office room with sanitary facilities, storage and a garbage room. The Pendelhütte, placed a few meters South of the Observatory at the top of Mt. Hoher Sonnblick is the powerhouse of our operation. It includes room for power transformers and due to an extensive renovation of the Pendelhütte a new backup generator was installed as of August 2017. The nearby alpine hut Zittelhaus can accommodate one hundred guests. Outside business hours a winter room above the Pendelhütte is available for public. Accommodation and facilities at Zittelhaus are available for scientists year-round and even outside business hours, although scientists must be self-sufficient during this time.