The Cableway

The easiest access to Sonnblick Observatory is via cableway. The cableway “Sonnblick Seilbahn” is not available for the public. The single-tracked reversible cableway mostly used to transport goods and staff members for day to day operations. A altitude difference of 1.484m over a length of 3.300m is achieved within 20 minutes. The cableway moves at speeds of 2,6 m/s (9,4 km/h).The suspension rope is fixed at the top station and held by a weight of 13 tons in the valley station. It is supported and guided via one pile. This results in an inclination at the top station of 47 degrees. The position of the cab cannot be balanced hence persons must be fixed.
The cableway is regulated and inspected by the authorities. Because of the out-dated design, we can only use the cableway during light winds below 30 km/h depending on several factors. The entire system is checked before each assent/descent. An emergency response plan is in place in the unlikely event of a standstill or accident which includes rescue by abseiling or by helicopters.To ensure the continued security of staff members the cableway “Sonnblick Seilbahn” will be revamped  in 2017/2018. The project is intensively supported by the Austrian ministry BMWFW.