Sonnblick Team

The Sonnblick Observatory is operated everyday of the year. At least two employees are constantly stationed on-site. Due to our non-stop operations, we can devolop precise monitoring and the implementation of research projects. Our projects at the Sonnblick Observatory are complex and diversified.

The listed team is supported by additional ZAMG employees and partner.


Head of the Sonnblick Observatory

Dr. Elke Ludewig

Management Assistence

Wolfgang Senoner, MSc



SBO System Engineers

Measuring Technique, Aerosols, IT, Science

Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Schauer

Infrastructure, Networks

Leo Hettegger

Measuring Technique, ACTRIS CIS, IT, Science

Christian Maier, MSc




Service at the Observatory

Head technician Dip.-Ing. Simon Feigl, PhD
Hermann Scheer
Matthias Daxbacher
Norbert Daxbacher
Thomas Krombholz
Andreas Wiegele