The Sonnblick Observatory is described as a high alpine research station – and justifiably so.
Due to the harsh environment of Mt. Hoher Sonnblick, perked on top of a 3.106 m mountain surrounded by rocks, snow and ice, one has to consider the risks of the extreme area.
Staff members do not only work within the observatory, they also have to complete routine assesments within fields around the summit running into the valley floor. We train all our employees in fire protection, hazardous goods handling, avalanche forecast, crevasse rescue and have a rapid response plan in case of an emergency. Visitors of the Sonnblick Observatory are asked to consider our house rules with a strong emphasis on fitness, cold weather clothing and equipment. We provide support for research projects through our staff members and can also organize mountain guides. One of the major concerns of the ZAMG and the Sonnblick Verein is a functional rescue chain for our employees and scientists. We can now renew the cableway to ensure the immediate transportation of injured people. If helicopters cannot operate due to adverse conditions, we can also use the cableway to evacuate the station in case of a large scale emergency. This project is supported by the ministry BMWFW.