Batcorder at Sonnblick Observatory

The densely crowded, upside down hibernate and drawing from the summer fat reserves is over. The first bats are already slowly leaving their caves and searching for insects. Since April 6th, 2019, the 'Waldbox' (forest box) incl. Batcorder (ultrasound detector) is ready to record the sounds of the bats. Karin Widerin from the Coordination Center for Bat Protection and Research in Austria was at the Sonnblick Observatory and installed, with the help of the observatory technicians, the box on the measuring deck. Thus, the investigations of the behavior and the trajectories of the bats in the high alpine mountains can be further researched.

© ZAMG/SBO/KFFÖ Karin Widerin (KFFÖ) Waldbox mit batcorder Hermann Scheer (SBO)

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