Repeated possession disturbance at Sonnblick Observatory

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

We are aware, that many of you like to stay in the mountains and also a ski tour on the Hohen Sonnblick is a worthwhile destination here. Unfortunately, there has been an increasing number of illegal property infringements in recent times, in which skiers were climbing on the roof of the Observatory or the measuring terraces.

We cannot tolerate this because, on the one hand, very expensive measuring devices are installed on the terrace, which in the event of damage, result in correspondingly expensive repairs, and on the other hand, no protection of skiers is used here. Falling from the measuring terrace can lead to serious injuries. We reserve the right to penalize future disruptions to property with a complaint.
This unauthorized step also influences our measurements, which is why the cameras automatically trigger in the event of a malfunction.

We would also like to behave respectfully in the high mountains. Thank you for your understanding.