Etna eruption leads to increased sulfur dioxide concentration at the Sonnblick Observatory

Sonnblick Observatory records increase in SO2 due to volcanic activity of Mount Etna.

A clearly measurable increase in the measured SO2 concentration at the Sonnblick observatory is most likely due to the recent eruption of the Etna volcano in connection with a south-westerly current. During the last eruption in the night of 24.02.21 to 25.02.21, Etna again spat fire and ashes and pushed this mixture several hundred meters high into the sky. The displacement of the air masses can be seen well using the trajectories from 25.02.21.

The arrival of the air masses with increased sulfur dioxide content can be clearly seen in the data plot. This is attached below. Usually the concentration is under 0.1 ppb (parts per billion), now values ​​in the range of 11 ppb have been detected.

Photo: Creative commons licence