Saharan dust again at Mt. Hoher Sonnblick!

Saharan dust again at Sonnblick Observatory

As in the beginning of February, a Saharan dust event was recorded on the Hohen Sonnblick this week. The forecasts of the ZAMG showed a spread of the dust masses from the direction of the western Mediterranean. The origin can also be easily seen in the trajectories of 23.02.

If, theoretically, the current measurement of the Sonnblick observatory (50 µg dust / m³) is applied to the area of ​​the state of Salzburg with a height of 1 km, the result is a hypothetical amount of dust of almost 358 tonnes over the entire state. Of course, this is not distributed equally everywhere. However, it gives an impression of the immense amount that is transported by the air masses.

A look into the Rauris Valley also clearly shows the clouding of the air layers by the Saharan dust.

Morgenstimmung am 24.01.21 (ZAMG/N.Daxbacher, SBO) Filter mit Saharastaub (ZAMG/T.Krombholz, SBO)
View towards Salzburg (ZAMG/N.Daxbacher, SBO) Morbingview on 24.02.21 (ZAMG/N.Daxbacher, SBO) Filter with Saharan dust (ZAMG/T.Krombholz, SBO)


A current dispersion model can be requested at any time via the ZAMG Saharan dust forecast.