Saharan Dust at Sonnblick

In the period 05.-07.02.2021 a Saharan dust event could be measured and observed at the Sonnblick Observatory.
Through the WMO Dust - Forecast ( one could prepare early for the arrival of the dust masses. The analysis of the event showed that the dust masses were due to the western area of the Sahara. They finally reached Austria via the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, France and Switzerland.
Based on the forecast, precautions were taken on 04.02.21 to record the Sahara dust event with the filter measurements. Thus, the INSEKT filters of the IMK-AAF group of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology were changed daily during the event.

The deposition can be easily seen in the image of the AGES filters. The red-brownish color of the Sahara dust is clearly visible.
The event was so intense that it could be seen in the atmosphere, even with the naked eye. The second image below showing a view from the Sonnblick. A brownish-red haze of the sky, caused by the Sahara dust, is well visible.

AGES filter from 07.02.21, taken at Sonnblick Observatory. (Photo A. Wiegele@ZAMG-SBO)

View from Sonnblick Observatory (Photo N.Daxbacher@ZAMG-SBO) on 06.02.21