Sonnblick Association: After 20 years, Dr. Schausberger withdraws as chairman

Last Friday, September 18th, 2020, the annual general meeting of the Sonnblick Association took place in the rooms of the International Salzburg Association, due to CoVid  with distance and a small number of visitors.

In addition to items on the agenda, the withdrwal of Dr. Franz Schausberger as the 1st chairman of the Sonnblick Association takes center stage. Dr. Schausberger has been jointly responsible for a wide variety of important projects at the Sonnblick Obersavtory over the past 20 years. Subsequently, Dr. Schausberger was accepted as an honorary member of the Sonnblick Association.

The director of ZAMG, Dr. Michael Staudinger, was elected as 1st chairman of the Sonnblick Association. The vacant position of Dr. Staudinger has been taken over  by   Dr. Anne Kasper-Giebl from the Vienna University of Technology. The treasurer, secretary and general secretary were re-elected.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Schausberger for his 20 years as chairman!